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Mobile Site Has Launched!

Here at MSBA, we work hard to provide you with the latest and greatest in technology, all the while clinging to that ever-important idea that it should be easy.  So, in the interest of keeping it simple, we have packed all of the power of the MSBA website into a convenient travel size that you can use on-the-go.  Now, you can search for homes, office space, vacant land, investment properties, and more from the palm of your hand!  Meet the MOBILE version of MSBA!  There is no need to download an app...  ...Simply open MSBAHomes.com from the browser on your smart phone or tablet.  Just be sure to pull over first -- we do not want your excitement over our new mobile site to cause an accident.

What if you have an iPhone...?  What about Android...?  No worries!  The mobile version of our site works with BOTH!  When opening the site from your smart phone, you *should* automatically see the mobile version.  However, that will depend on some of the background settings on your particular phone.  If, instead, you see the full version of the site, you need only click on the link that reads "Display mobile version of website."  The link is located at the very top and bottom of every page on the site.  Then, you will be able to enjoy the convenience of simple browsing!

With the mobile version of our site, you will still have access to the same powerful search tools, but you will also find several new tools that make your search efforts even easier.  We don't want to spoil any of the surprises, so we'll let you discover them on your own.  However, we want to be sure to let you know that you can still save your favorite properties, just like you can with the full version.  Additionally, you can use the mobile version of the site to run your saved searches that you have created on the full version!  To do this, just click on the "MENU" button, and then click on "MY STUFF", after you log in.  Keep in mind that you do NOT need to log in or give any private information to use the MSBA website (full or mobile versions).  Logging in is only required to save your favorite listings for easy retrieval later, or to save your special search criteria so you can re-run the search again and again without having to re-enter all of the search criteria.

You will find all of the photos, property information, maps, and more on the mobile version!  Again, we wanted to be sure that you had the same powerful website in an easier "on-the-go" package.  That's just another way that we're marketing real estate with an EDGE!  Enjoy the site, and happy hunting!  When you have found a property that you would like to see, be sure to let one of our experienced agents know -- we're here for you!

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