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  Real Estate Roundtable


Welcome to the Real Estate Roundtable! We will be discussing our local market with an elite team of area experts. Present will be:

-- Nick Butzirus, Brian O'Kraski and Joel Albrechtsen (Keller Williams Realty) -- Local real estate agents with extensive knowledge and experience. Nick is also the regional real estate instructor, teaching agents throughout Central Illinois.

-- Keith Thompson and Jeremy Maubach (Mortgage Services III) -- Local loan officers with experience in both direct lending AND mortgage brokerage services. Keith and Jeremy have a talent for arranging financing, even when others have said no. They are also able to help clients with credit cleanup, through partnership programs, to open doors to homeownership much faster.

-- Jeremy Eden (Eden Insurance) -- A local insurance agent that owns an INDEPENDENT brokerage. Jeremy is not tied to any one insurance carrier. Instead, he has the ability to write policies through many different carriers. His loyalty is to his clients.

-- Patrick O'Rourke and Amanda Willette (PJO Law Office) -- Patrick and Amanda are VERY experienced local attorneys. Patrick also owns Alliance Land Title, in Bloomington. Both will be on-hand to answer your real estate legal questions.

-- Alan Flicek (Impressive Inspections) -- Alan and his team are our home inspectors extraordinaire! Alan will bring you up to speed on issues that we are finding in homes today. He will also have his toys on-hand, so you can see how certain problems are identified.

Are you, like so many others, looking for answers to the following questions...?

What's happening in our local real estate market? How does it compare to the national trends? How low are the local property values? Will they get lower? Will big shifts by major local employers have a noticeable impact? How low are the interest rates? Will they keep going up? If so, how much, and how quickly? Is this the right time to buy? What about selling my house? Will I get a good return, or get fleeced? Are there things that I can do, as a buyer, to better prepare myself for the home-buying process? Are there things that I, as a seller, can do to better position my home in the market? What if I'm thinking about "moving-up" to a bigger home, while the prices and rates are both low?

If so, come join us for an evening of enlightenment! This is a no-pressure, stress-free event. It's also a come-as-you-are event. We will be in jeans (khakis, at best) -- very informal. Relax and learn!

If you have questions before the event, please call Nick at 309-888-HOME (309-888-4663).